How Will You Leave Your Signature?

Doesn’t everyone want to do something in their lifetime for which they will be remembered?  Don’t you want a sense of permanence?  Wouldn’t you like the world to know you “were there?”  If the answer was “no,” why would there be passports or pictures or yearbooks or gravestones?
I believe you were designed for action and achievement.  When your actions are aligned with your higher purpose, you will possess boundless energy and enthusiasm.  Your challenge is not often in the pursuit of leaving your signature, but in the development of the courage to decide where to leave it in the first place. Here are three steps that will help you:

How To Leave Your Signature Behind

Step 1: Create Your Vision

Every mark on history starts with a vision.  In the case of the Arena at Pula, an Emperor had a vision thousands of years into the future.  The only difference between him and you was perhaps the size of his vision.

What do you want to be remembered for?  Until you ask this question, there is little chance of doing something great.  Once you have answered this question, however, you have set a vision that can be the vehicle to put you on the path in the direction you need to go.
Set goals.

Step 2: Define Your Mission

Did you ever get in the car, turn the key and not know where you were going?  Although that might sound crazy, it is no crazier than waking every day with the same dreams and no map to get there.  Once you understand what it is you want, you will need definitive plans on exactly how to get there.  This step makes sure that you write the list that aligns with your vision.
Make a plan of what you will need to do in order to achieve those goals.

Step 3: Chip Away Every Day

In order to leave something behind of note, you will have to take consistent action.  This step is not only most critical, but the one that stops most people.  Once you are in the car, have turned the key and have directions, your actions are the small presses on the gas pedal which will give you forward momentum. Taking small steps each day in the direction of your vision and mission will eventually get you there. The key in Step 3 is to just keep “chipping away.”
Work towards your goals consistently every day.


You were designed to be great.  You have limitless potential.  You can choose to scratch the surface of history and do something iconic.  My suggestion is that you scratch hard, scratch often and make that scratch across time as deep as possible so that the world will be unable to ignore your “signature.”

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Sifu Tony Child
Total Martial Arts