We all need a hero

We seem to grow out of heroes at
some point, don’t we?
Kids have all sorts of heroes. They
pick them naturally, and strive to
become like their heroes. This
helps them become stronger, deeper,
better people.
But what about us adults and
Why don’t we need heroes?
Well, I think we do. I think it’s
time we re-claimed this great
habit. I encourage you to find
heroes for every part of your life:
– Parenting
– Work
– Relationships
– Mindset
Find people with traits that you
want, and learn all you can about
them. Try to embed what they have,
and you don’t, into your life.
You can talk to your kids about
heroes too. Share who your heroes
are, and why they’re your heroes.
Listen to them talk about their
Makes for a good, deep, family-time
discussion 😉
Your kids martial arts instructor,
Sifu Tony Child