The Fitness Dilemma.

The other day I sent out an email
about “technology addiction” in
This email follows suit.
It used to be that for kids to have
fun, you’d have to go outside and
You’d end up running, biking and
playing for hours.
The time would just fly by.
Now-a-days, there are more in-door
games than you could possibly
As a result, there are way too many
kids who never get the amount of
exercise their bodies need.
Here are a few solutions for you…
Martial Arts Class
It’s fun. It’s full of great
exercise. It teaches social skills,
respect & self-defense.
I might be biased ;-), but I can’t
recommend it enough.
Team Sports
If your kid’s a natural athlete,
team sports might be a good way to
This is a tricky one though.
When the wrong kid is forced into
team sports, it can be devastating
to self-esteem.
But if it’s a good fit, team sports
are really amazing.
“No Technology Time”
Set a block of time every day where
your kids aren’t allowed to use ANY
Make them get outside, and use
their own imaginations for fun and
Get Creative
I’m sure you’ve solved parenting
problems more difficult than this
;-). Use that noggin of yours to
come up with some great ideas.
Till next time,
Sifu Tony Child