Success tips for parents to help their child at school

Our junior programs emphasize key attributes like perseverance, goal achievement, self discipline along with focus. These are the same attributes that children need to develop to start, stick with and then finish their homework.

Total Martial Arts Swindon has a long and successful record of encouraging students towards achieving high grades at school. By working as a team with parents, we can help to overcome any challenges our students face at school.

Here are some suggestions for helping you and your child establish habits that will help them to achieve success at school.

Establish and write out a daily routine

Discuss and agree a routine with your child for school days. Put the list somewhere where you can both refer to it, such as on the fridge. Agree a time to get up, leave for school, do homework , go to bed and how long for fun/relaxing.

Establish a morning routine

Make sure your child starts the day with a healthy breakfast to fuel the body and brain for the day ahead.

Promote a good attitude

Remind your child to go to school each day ready to focus, work hard and have fun learning.

Promote good homework habits

Have a set time and a quiet place for homework. Encourage a thorough job and for them to hand it in on time. A lot of homework can make your child feel like giving up coming to martial arts class. Don’t forget that the focus, self-discipline and perseverance that we teach at TMA will help them to do better at school. Academic studies show that children who exercise regularly do better in a range of memory and number tests.

Communicate with the teachers

Teachers are smart but cannot read minds. Great relationships and success comes from great communication. Share concerns with your child’s teachers.

Create a reward scheme

Using a visual chart, consider a long-term reward scheme to help encourage good school habits such as homework completion, report improvement etc.

Share an interest

Talk to your child about what they learned at school today. Ask them what they enjoy and compliment them on their achievements. Give them your full attention and be interested.

Encourage positive relationships

Be highly supportive of your child’s friendships with others with good character and good habits. Gently and with subtlety discourage relationships with kids who may be a negative influence. Be careful not to cause them to rebel.

Establish a bedtime routine

Get into the habit of finishing the day with low energy activities like reading and have your child go to bed at the same time each night. If this routine becomes a habit then your child will get enough sleep for the school day ahead and this will become automatic.