You know, as parents, we have a very important tool we use on our kids all the time. In fact, we mostly use it without even knowing it. However, how we use this tool determines so much about how our kids turn out.
It’s our attention.
The way we give our kids attention
– and what in our kids we pay attention to –
determines so much about their futures.
In fact, many kids who grow up feeling awkward and self-conscious do so because they didn’t get enough attention and approval from their parents. So they question if everything they do is okay.
On the other hand –
kids whose parents take an active role, and are interested in everything from their classes to their video games grow into confident, self-assured adults.
It’s not as “cut and dry” a formula as that, but your attention definitely goes a long way.
Now, I’m sure already you’re fantastic about this
But, it’s so easy to get caught up in things, that sometimes we need a reminder to remember the “little things” like this. So consider this a warm reminder