We believe every individual has the right to a safe existence

Develop a stronger mind, body and spirit through martial arts.

Total Martial Arts is proud to be the area representative of the self Defence Federation and a member of the UK Martial Arts and Self Defence Association.

self defence federation

Self Protection - Our sessions provide practical advice on how to tune your senses and awareness of your surroundings and situation in order to maintain your personal safety and avoid a situation of confrontation or attack where self defence would become necessary. This also involves verbal diffusion, otherwise known as Verbal Judo and understanding the mindset of an attacker.

Self defence - You do not need to have any martial arts experience to learn our self defence skills. Our sessions are accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender and physical ability. Our sessions provide practical advice and techniques that are effective, easy to learn and above all, easy to remember.

I could go on about how sifu Tony makes it his business to know every student and make them feel welcome. I could talk about sifu Dan and sifu Brandon being one of the best comedy duos I've met in a long time and how they are always on hand to help every student move towards their goals or how sifu Alan is one of the most knowledgeable people in his field , if he doesn't know it it's probably not worth knowing. But I won't. Instead I will just say that team TMA has made me feel welcome at every turn . Be it instructor or student.
the enthusiasm these guys bring to martial arts is incredible and every lesson I walk away feeling I have taken steps closer towards being the best version of myself. Highly recommended. Come along I promise your enjoy yourself.


For more information on how our self protection/self defence sessions could help you individually or as part of a group, you can call us on 07765 202 363click here to email us or fill out our contact form below.

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