Would you like your kids to read more?‏

Here’s how:
It’s very, very simple advice
though. I hope you won’t discard it
just because it’s so obvious 😉
Here it is:
Get the right books in their hands.
That’s it. That’s how you get your
reluctant reader to read more.
Maybe you need to take a trip to
the comic book store to let them
pick out some comics. Maybe it’s
time to give them free reign at the
book store.
The point is… Let THEM pick out
what they want to read.
And if you’re concerned about comic
books not being educational or
enriching… just think about how
many kids out there idolize Batman
and Superman and more. And think
about what these heroes represent:
– Loyalty
– Doing the right thing
– Persisting when things get tough
And that’s just the tip of the
iceberg. Pretty good role models
for your kids, right?