Kickboxing can be enjoyed by all, for a fun, energetic workout or self defence

Develop a stronger mind, body and spirit through martial arts.


Kickboxing involves the whole body- giving it a complete workout, making you fitter quicker and feeling rewarded.

Weight loss

A typical kickboxing class can burn around 800 calories an hour

Improved flexibility

TMA's kickboxing sessions include effective stretching methods aimed to improve your flexibility.

Self defence

Many kickboxing techniques can be effectively used in self defence and they are uncomplicated making them easier to put into practice and remembered.

Increased confidence

The combination of learning new skills, self defence techniques and meeting new people will all increase your confidence.

Stress relief

There is nothing like punching and kicking the pads for relieving stress.

A different kind of workout

No boring treadmills or waiting for machines at the gym. TMA's kickboxing program incorporates and energising workout with fun and effective drills that can be worked with a partner or a punchbag.

Suits young and old


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