“So, I was at the bar when this guy…”

Ever hear a story start out that way? I have… I’ve heard some end well, and some end poorly. 

One of my friends from school had a bad story that started out this way… It ended with a bloody nose, black eye, and him needing 14 stitches in the back of his head. 

He got off easy. Here’s Mike’s story. 

The problem started over a girl… Mike was at the bar ordering a drink when he saw this attractive young lady next to him. 

Naturally, he started talking to her when all-of-a-sudden her boyfriend showed up. Usually this would be a simple misunderstanding, but not tonight. 

He tried talking to the guy, but it was too late, the JUICED-UP JUGGERNAUT heard enough and swung a punch at him. 

Mike was unaware and didn’t have his hands up and was knocked back against the bar… Almost unconscious, he swings back, hitting nothing but air, while the boyfriend PUNCHED him a few more times. 

He fell, hit his head on the bar and was knocked out. 

Luckily for Mike, the bouncers jumped in and took the jealous boyfriend away. 

Mike trains at our academy now… he tells me he wishes he learned our Kickboxing and self defence system a LONG TIME AGO! 

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Sifu Tony Child
Total Martial Arts