Fitness=Happiness for Kids.‏

Some quick facts…
More and more studies are emerging
that show a direct link between
exercise & happiness in kids.
Are your kids getting enough
With all of the activities and
games these days that require no
movement at all (video games, smart
phones, etc.)…
It’s never been more critical to
insure that your child is getting the
exercise that he or she needs.
Don’t let them sit out at PE!
Encourage them to run and play
during recess.
And try to work exercise into their
lives outside of school too.
If you’re having trouble with this…
Martial arts is an amazing way for
kids to get the exercise they need.
It also helps kids with
concentration, social skills,
respect & discipline.
Plus, it’s a TON of fun 😉
See if it’s the right fit for your
Kids love the challenge, fun and
excitement. Parents love the
health, behavior and character
development. It’s a win-win for
both of you 😉
Hope to see you soon,