Do you think one of these?

A lot of people interested in my adults martial arts programme have these “pre-conceived” ideas about what martial arts is all about.
So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to de-bunk these ideas because they’re  simply not true.
See if you too can relate to any of the things below…
#1: “I’m not really an aggressive person – so I don’t think I’ll like martial arts”
The thing with martial arts is – we’re not training to hurt people. We’re just getting  in awesome shape, and using martial arts as a fun, fresh way to get there.
And if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have some stress you’d like to get  rid of. NOTHING relieves stress more
than punching and kicking a heavy bag!
I guarantee it.
Plus, most of our members are laid-back people who wouldn’t hurt a fly.  Martial arts is just so fun that they get hooked the moment they start.
#2: “Okay… This might sound weird but… I don’t know any of the moves and I’m kind of worried about looking stupid…”
Everyone feels this way at first
But the good news is, everyone who joins my programme learns the moves from scratch. So no one is going to point fingers, or laugh at you, because they’ve been there too.
Actually, the OPPOSITE happens. Everyone is supportive, and me and my staff do everything in our power
to help you learn the moves as quickly as possible.
Then, once you have them down, you’ll feel like a pro.
#3: “Can I do this for a FULL hour?
I mean, I don’t know if I’d last 10 minutes…”
If you haven’t tried martial arts before – it can seem intense.
And your first week – you’re going to be a little sore. There’s no way around it.
But the good news is, once you get past that first week, you’ll simply feel amazing.  Your energy levels will skyrocket so much
you won’t even know what to do with yourself.
Hey, I’ve been there too. Before I got into martial arts I thought the same things. But the good news is: yes, you can do it, no, it’s not violent, and yes, you WILL learn
the moves really quickly.
Actually, 99% of people who walk through my doors see within the first 10 minutes that all of these concerns are absolutely nothing to worry about.
Then they forget all about them and have an awesome time losing weight, and getting in amazing shape.