Every parent experiences it at one point or another… the dreaded
“call home” from school.
It sucks. No way around it.
Here are a few tips for how to approach your child after this happens:
1. Vent your anger BEFORE you see your child.
Hit a pillow, call your best friend
– whatever you have to do to let
out the anger.
When you speak to your child, you want to do so calmly & sternly.
Having excess anger makes this nearly impossible.
2. Speak calmly to your child, asking them what happened.
Really listen to their side of the story too. You might be surprised – and actually proud – of what your kid did.
Example: Your kid gets in a fight. You find out that a bully tried to pick on his best friend, and your kid wanted to protect that friend.
That’s admirable!
Should he have gotten a teacher instead? Probably.
But he did what he felt was right, even if it got him in trouble.
3. Set a punishment that fits the crime.
After you’ve let your kid know why their actions were bad… set a punishment that matches those actions.
And stick to it! If they really need to learn a lesson – you’ll help them in the long run by being stubborn about their punishment.
Don’t lessen it. Don’t budge.
Best of luck!