We all need a hero

We all need a hero

We seem to grow out of heroes at
some point, don’t we?
Kids have all sorts of heroes. They
pick them naturally, and strive to
become like their heroes. This
helps them become stronger, deeper,
better people.
But what about us adults and
Why don’t we need heroes?
Well, I think we do. I think it’s
time we re-claimed this great
habit. I encourage you to find
heroes for every part of your life:
– Parenting
– Work
– Relationships
– Mindset
Find people with traits that you
want, and learn all you can about
them. Try to embed what they have,
and you don’t, into your life.
You can talk to your kids about
heroes too. Share who your heroes
are, and why they’re your heroes.
Listen to them talk about their
Makes for a good, deep, family-time
discussion 😉
Your kids martial arts instructor,
Sifu Tony Child

The Secret to Every Successful Diet And Fitness Program

The Secret to Every Successful Diet And Fitness Program


Today I would like to tell you about one of my students. Michael spent his days driving for work and had gained over 50 pounds.  He knew he was eating the wrong things. He knew exercise was important.  He heard it from both his doctor and his kids.  Notches on his belts his tailor was telling him too. But he said nothing happened until he committed and SHOWED UP the first day.  Many more students shared similar challenges and just the simple action of SHOWING UP wiped the fear away enough to let them get started.

Do any of these make you nervous about starting something new?

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Injury
  • Fear of Rejection
  • Fear of Reality
If you are fearful about starting anything new like a fitness program, career choice, musical instrument or even writing a blog, the secret of SHOWING UP will make those nerves go away. Action is the magical cure to your fears and you don’t need a prescription to get it.  Action is where the fear ends and the excitement begins.  SHOW UP and you can no longer let the first step be what’s holding you back.  SHOW UP and your calling, art, passion becomes more believable.  SHOW UP and your potential will start to come through.

Sifu Tony Child
Total Martial Arts

The Fitness Dilemma.

The Fitness Dilemma.

The other day I sent out an email
about “technology addiction” in
This email follows suit.
It used to be that for kids to have
fun, you’d have to go outside and
You’d end up running, biking and
playing for hours.
The time would just fly by.
Now-a-days, there are more in-door
games than you could possibly
As a result, there are way too many
kids who never get the amount of
exercise their bodies need.
Here are a few solutions for you…
Martial Arts Class
It’s fun. It’s full of great
exercise. It teaches social skills,
respect & self-defense.
I might be biased ;-), but I can’t
recommend it enough.
Team Sports
If your kid’s a natural athlete,
team sports might be a good way to
This is a tricky one though.
When the wrong kid is forced into
team sports, it can be devastating
to self-esteem.
But if it’s a good fit, team sports
are really amazing.
“No Technology Time”
Set a block of time every day where
your kids aren’t allowed to use ANY
Make them get outside, and use
their own imaginations for fun and
Get Creative
I’m sure you’ve solved parenting
problems more difficult than this
;-). Use that noggin of yours to
come up with some great ideas.
Till next time,
Sifu Tony Child

Improve Your Life With Martial Arts Training

Improve Your Life With Martial Arts Training

Through Martial arts training we can learn and develop true values for living a well-rounded and healthy life physically, mentally and spiritually. Not only does practicing a martial art instills the right values and attitudes that are conducive to Self Defence, but you’ll improve your fitness and well-being.

Through struggle and adversity a Martial Arts student builds character and the ability to endure hardships and overcome obstacles that are placed in front of them. Some may think that only high level competitive athletes develop these attributes. However, we believe that ordinary individuals gain just as much from training in a Martial Art. For example, simply experiencing regular training, overcoming the failures, and experiencing the small victories makes you not only a better person but a true martial artist.

Although, ordinarily Martial Arts training gives you the opportunity to suffer, to see, and experience things that you normally wouldn’t on a normal daily bases. These experiences in themselves develop your character and push you beyond your boundaries in a safe a nurturing way. This is why we put so much effort into our fitness and conditioning program. Our fitness training is designed and intended to push and thus improve your boundaries while developing character, speed, strength, endurance and good overall body structure for close quarter fighting.

Hard martial arts and fitness training is important, it produces an attitude that when things get tough that you don’t give up, but drive through it, our fitness classes are a testimony to this. Becoming a true martial artist is a personal commitment in which you must make improving yourself your main priority and place it above the desire for rewards.

Our failures are our biggest strengths, rise from them and you’ll be stronger.

Addicted to technology?‏

Addicted to technology?‏

Lots of kids these days are
addicted to technology.
And for good reason:
It’s constant stimulation, at the
click of a button.
But is it healthy?
Many psychologists don’t think so.
It tends to isolate kids, and make
ordinary life seem dull and boring.
It also tends to reduce
After all, if you’re constantly
exploring exciting, digital worlds
full of monsters, adventures and
Why would you ever dream up your
own adventures?
If your child spends too much time
with technology…
It might be time to do something
that they’re not going to like very
Set boundaries.
You can restrict how many hours
they can use technology…
… or just require them to play
outside for a certain amount of
time each day.
You can also send them to us for
martial arts 🙂
They’ll get exercise, they’ll socialize, and they’ll develop great traits too like focus and discipline. They’ll thank you for it in the long run :-).
Have a great one,
Sifu Tony Child

Healthy Eating and weight loss tips: Carbohydrate Control

Healthy Eating and weight loss tips: Carbohydrate Control

Many people who are looking to loose weight focus too much on the amount of fat they consume. While this is a factor its far more important and easier to limit the amount of simple carbohydrates consumed.

Simple Carbohydrates do have a place in a health conscious persons diet however they should only be consumed during or after exercise to aid in fast recovery. To avoid simple carbohydrates there are some easy changes that can be made to your regular diet.

For those of you that love sandwiches try changing what kind of bread you eat to reduce your sugar intake. White bread is the worst you could opt for, so often people go for wholemeal bread instead but even one slice of wholemeal contains around 1.6 g of sugar. The best bread for cutting out your sugar is sourdough bread as it has minimal sugar but still gives you the same great taste.

Yogurt is often regarded as a healthy snack but the flavoured varieties can come in at around 20g of sugar, just for a small serving pot. If you’re craving something creamy then try Greek yogurt instead of the fruity, flavoured ones. It is 30% protein and can be combined with sliced fruit or berry’s for a tasty, satisfying snack.

When you buy cereal you may think you’re avoiding the ones that are overloaded with sugar but even brands that are advertised as being healthier can be up to 25% sugar. If you want to avoid a huge sugar-hit at the start of your day then try porridge instead. It has low sugar levels but also provides you with high doses of Vitamin B, vitamin E and iron.

Granola bars can often be advertised as a healthy snack but an average granola can contain up to 14g of sugar. If you want a healthier on-the-go snack then try some jerky. It has no sugar and can provide a solid dose of protein, so it’s great as a post-workout snack.

If you’re a sucker for sauces with your meals, be it tomato sauce or brown sauce, then try making your own instead. Many of the sauces you buy can have around 5g of sugar, even in the tiny one serving packages. Making your own sauce is simple, all you need is some tinned tomatoes, a bit of onion and garlic and pinch of basil, and it cuts out a lot of the unnecessary sugar.

If you typically drink a glass of fruit juice in an effort to reach your five-a-day then try just fruit on it’s own instead. A normal glass of fruit juice can provide you with around 25g of sugar, whereas the fructose sugar hit that a piece of fruit provides you with comes with a good dose of fibre, helping to balance out the sugar.

"My kids don't talk to me!"

“My kids don’t talk to me!”

Hey there,
As kids get older, parents say that
a LOT. “My kids won’t talk to
me…” or “My kids won’t open up to
me…” or something similar.
The worst part is, the harder you
try, the more they seem to close
up! It’s such a catch-22.
Or is it?
Here are a few tips that just might
get your kid to open up to you:
Let’em be.
Just accept that they’re
in a phase where, for whatever
reason, they feel like they can’t
open up to you.
If you give them respectful space,
and don’t pry into their lives, most
of the time they’ll come around to
Something more serious
Is there something more serious
going on? Are there other troubles
at school or at home?
Spousal fighting, financial trouble
and other things have a bigger
impact on kids than a lot of people
Sometimes these make kids
close up.
If your kid’s a teenager – just
surrender LOL. They’ll grow out of
it 😉
Having a teen is a form of
warfare 🙂
Till next time!

kali martial arts swindon

The supplements that actually benefit martial artists

The supplements that actually benefit martial artists

Many serious martial artists go through a phase of taking tons of supplements in hopes of boosting their game, taking at least 50 pills and tablets each day, including thrice-daily multivitamins… Selenium… Reishi extract… Chromium picolinate…Turmeric extract… Branched chain amino acids… Phosphatidyl serine… Etc.  Etc.  Etc.  The list goes on however the only real effect of these supplements is to make your urine very expensive they will not improve strength, energy levels or recovery times.

kali martial arts swindon

Why do so many people take so many different kinds of supplements?  Here’s a few reasons:

1 – Wishful Thinking/laziness. It would be far easier if you could just pop a few pills every day instead of doing the hard work to maintain a healthy diet, putting in time training, lifting weights and doing cardio,

 2 – Advertising. Many Bodybuilding magazines and fitness websites exist in order to sell supplements as their money comes from selling advertising rather than subscriptions.

 3 – The Placebo Effect. Basically a placebo is a drug (or a supplement) that works just because you think it’s going to work, not because of anything about the drug itself.

Scientific American summed it up by saying “belief is powerful medicine, even if the treatment itself is a sham.”

And every study that has ever looked for a placebo effect has found one…

Every legitimate clinical trial of a drug or supplement must have a placebo group to show that the drug performs better than a placebo.

The placebo effect is huge when it comes to sports supplements.  For example, there’s nothing more convincing than a friend who swears that a certain new product is ‘great’ and urges you to try it!

4 – Faulty Research.  The wild claims made by the supplement companies are usually backed up by so-called ‘research.’  But when you look at it more closely, this research is usually a just a single study (or a cherry-picked selection of studies which all back up the claims being made).

But a single study proves nothing!  And what’s even worse is that these studies are often small, poorly designed and improperly controlled experiments that nobody else has ever managed to duplicate (proper scientific practice require the results of experiments to be able to be duplicated by others before the results are confirmed).

In many cases the people who did the study also own the company making the supplement…

That’s why in science nothing is ever proven until many different and unbiased researchers have found the same result.

So, are there any good supplements you should be taking?

In order of importance, the ‘supplements’ that have real science behind them are the following:

1. Colourful fruits and vegetables (e.g. dark berries, dark leafy greens, beets, red grapefruit, etc.), these will provide important vitamins and minerals. And just for the record, potatoes and rice don’t count as vegetables.

2. Protein from varied sources (baseline 0.75 g protein/lb body weight day for average people; 1 g/lb per day for athletes, that means if you’re an actively training 200 lb grappler then you should be consuming about 200 grams of protein every day). This is important for the body’s repair and recovery after hard training

3. Fish oil. (Recent research suggests as much as 5-15 g daily) this helps to reduce inflammation, increase bone density and also control metabolism/fat burning. Tuna and salmon are a great source of fish oils. Fish oil capsules can be used to increase your intake but choose high quality capsules to avoid mercury contamination

4. Vitamin D (2000-4000 IU daily in the winter). This helps with bone formation/density. Vitamin D is produced by the body when exposed to sunlight so your intake should depend on the climate. Those with light skin are more easily able to produce vitamin D in low light conditions so less supplementation is required. Be careful not to exceed the daily dose of vitamin D because it is possible to poison yourself.

5. Creatine for athletes doing strength/power work (2g/day for a month). Creatine is found naturally in beef but is supplemented in powder form (avoid the liquid creatine supplements as the active ingredient breaks down in the liquid form) Always cycle creatine supplementation taking it for 1 month then stopping for a time. Creatine is good for increasing muscle mass and strength when weightlifting because it increases available ATP in the muscles allowing for more intense exercise. Fighters looking to compete at a certain weight class should avoid creatine as it increases water retention.

6. Caffeine in SMALL doses (50-100 mg, about 1/2 to 3/4 cup coffee), 1 hour before training. Caffeine is a stimulant and can reduce fatigue and increase power. Keep in mind that constant use of caffeine reduces its effectiveness.

And the big one, that trumps pretty much all others: SLEEP. This is important for recovery and hormone balance, try to get 8 hours sleep every night.

Kids Martial Arts: Magic Bullet?

Kids Martial Arts: Magic Bullet?

Here’s the thing:
Our kids martial arts program works
wonders for a LOT of kids.
It helps them behave better… do
better in school… make better
friends… get exercise… learn
self-defense… and more.
But is it a “magic bullet”?
No way. Nothing is!
First off: it’s not for every kid.
Second off: kids are with us for
only a few hours a week.
We can’t control what happens in
the hundreds hours they’re not with
But I can tell you this much… If
it’s right for your kid, it can
really seem like a magic bullet.
Parents–and teachers–are often
blown away by the changes they see
in children after even a week or
two of our classes.
Eye contact improves. Listening
skills and attention span improves.
Confidence rises.
And of course, the kids are having
a TON of fun and getting great
exercise too.
Think it might be a good fit for
your kids?

Would you like your kids to read more?‏

Would you like your kids to read more?‏

Here’s how:
It’s very, very simple advice
though. I hope you won’t discard it
just because it’s so obvious 😉
Here it is:
Get the right books in their hands.
That’s it. That’s how you get your
reluctant reader to read more.
Maybe you need to take a trip to
the comic book store to let them
pick out some comics. Maybe it’s
time to give them free reign at the
book store.
The point is… Let THEM pick out
what they want to read.
And if you’re concerned about comic
books not being educational or
enriching… just think about how
many kids out there idolize Batman
and Superman and more. And think
about what these heroes represent:
– Loyalty
– Doing the right thing
– Persisting when things get tough
And that’s just the tip of the
iceberg. Pretty good role models
for your kids, right?