Addicted to technology?‏

Lots of kids these days are
addicted to technology.
And for good reason:
It’s constant stimulation, at the
click of a button.
But is it healthy?
Many psychologists don’t think so.
It tends to isolate kids, and make
ordinary life seem dull and boring.
It also tends to reduce
After all, if you’re constantly
exploring exciting, digital worlds
full of monsters, adventures and
Why would you ever dream up your
own adventures?
If your child spends too much time
with technology…
It might be time to do something
that they’re not going to like very
Set boundaries.
You can restrict how many hours
they can use technology…
… or just require them to play
outside for a certain amount of
time each day.
You can also send them to us for
martial arts 🙂
They’ll get exercise, they’ll socialize, and they’ll develop great traits too like focus and discipline. They’ll thank you for it in the long run :-).
Have a great one,
Sifu Tony Child