1 missing ingredient…‏

I feel this is an important article. See… there’s a good chance that you too have noticed something in our culture…
A distance growing between people.
Everything seems to be speeding up, faster and faster, day after day. In fact – many of us end up spending our meal times alone, or eating while we’re
working / driving / watching TV / etc.
However, I’d like to propose something to you today. And maybe you already do what I’m about to say. If so, great! Keep it up!
But if not, this could really change you and your family’s lives.
That one thing is to have dinner together, around a table, with the TV / radio / mobile  phones off… just 1 time this week.
If you’re not used to this – your family might grunt and groan and beg for that TV to go back on! But encourage them to give it a shot. I think you’ll be amazed with how well it goes.
And if it doesn’t go so well? Well, it’s still an opportunity for growth, because you can find out what it would take to make something like a dinner together happen.
To a great rest of the week,